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  • Welcome
    Treasured gemstones, artisan carvings of ancient symbols drawn from Eastern and Western traditions, vintage heirloom tapestries and luscious silk are the stuff of which our exquisite products are made. Designer and author Barbara Bacigalupi is the force behind these unique and often one of a kind creations. More important than the designs themselves, are the opportunities for strengthening our humanity through the learning that accompanies each.
  • jewelry to treasure
    Until now, Barbara's semi-precious jewelry designs have been reserved for personal appearances. Shop her newly released collection of more than four hundred pieces of sophisticated statement jewelry. Drawing from a most diverse bounty of gemstones and pearls, there are sure to be fashion-forward creations that speak to your individual style.
  • trulyhuman medallions
    TRULYHUMAN medallions
    Barbara's hallmark collection brings inspirational messages about essential human values together with symbolic carved medallions.

    Use them to relax through the technique of mindful meditation, then apply self-directed visioning to chart a bright future for yourself.

    Decorate your home with them; anywhere you might embellish with a tassel – whether door handles, drawer pulls, candles, lamps or vases and ginger jars.
  • japanese obi redesigns
    JAPANESE OBI Re-Designs
    Obi (kimono sashes) offer some of the most elegant, often gilded tapestries that exemplify the high art of Japanese textile design. Now vintage obi can bring a glimpse of the life of a Japanese Geisha or Royal into your life and legacy. Make re-imagined obi a part of your home design and personal fashion, as pillows, wall scrolls, and personal accessories. Then someday share your treasure with the next generation.
  • freshwater pearls
    When faced by an irritant, an oyster turns a gain of sand into a pearl. With modern cultivation methods, pearls that were once reserved for royal families can now be a part of most every woman’s personal heritage. Let the inherent lustre of the natural nacre coating which confers a pearl’s beauty, be a reflection of the inner beauty that you can bring to meet each of life’s challenges with compassion and grace.
  • dragon medallions
    No matter what personal goal you would like to achieve, the power and energy of the Chinese Dragon can help you achieve your dreams. Follow the accompanying FIVE STEPS TO SUCCESS process developed by Barbara, who is an expert strategic vision consultant, to use the Dragon’s image to keep you focused each and every day on realizing your goal.
  • energy jewelry
    Rich in the use of nature's own quartz crystal, this collection purposefully patterns elements to echo the natural undulation of energy as transmitted through sound waves. Cool when first touched, quartz warms when worn, affirming our own personal energy and the importance of using it wisely.
  • bookjewels
     (for iPads too)
    BOOKjewels bring the sentiments and symbols of TRULYHUMANmedallions to grace soft and hard cover sized books, as well as most tablet and iPad covers. So dress up your books and mobile devices with these thong–style bookmarks to reminds yourself of the importance of reading as a distinctly human capability. And when you read, read to change yourself, then change your world.
  • table top
    Bringing family and friends around your table is such an essential part of creating our human community. Let Barbara's Table Top designs for napkin rings, bottle toppers and wine charms spark lively conversation during your celebrations.
  • luxe life silks
    Discovered by an ancient Chinese princess, luxurious silk thread spun into fabric with unique iridescent sheen, was among the first treasures of the East to spread to the West. Today, this natural fiber still can bring your home the same rich textures and luscious colors once reserved for Emperors and Empresses of exotic lands.
  • architectural trulyhuman medallions
    When a major design statement is called for, to demand attention as a unique art object, consider the use of Architectural Size TRULYHUMANmedallions. These sculptural totems that range from 18” to three to five feet in length will transform large scale candleholders, vases, niches, walls and doors into works of art.
  • design ideas
    Design Ideas
    This global and eclectic approach to design fuses East with West in ways that humanize. The focus is placed on elements and themes drawn from nature, combined with quality furnishing and antiques. Enjoy the design ideas put forth in our lookbook magazine.